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Love Second Time Around

Some of you will never feel what it is like to fall in love for a second time, and for that you should be grateful, because it’s awful.  It is heart wrenching and you can’t trust anyone and you can’t … Continue reading

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Back in Indiana and Back on Track : An Update on my Weight, My Career, and My New Beau….. Because I Know You are Dying to Know.

A lot of things have changed for the better since coming “home.”   Here are the highlights. My Weight I haven’t been writing about dieting lately because it just wasn’t my focus. I was working on my career, moving cross country, … Continue reading

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What I Really Want Say (A Going Home Poem)

What I really want to say is this You are the one I hate The one I want to leave, to lie to, and to commiserate the misery you create with your selfishness and sloth you make me feel so … Continue reading

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Casual Dining

I’m too early. Sitting in my car Hair perfect Make up pristine There is nothing to adjust Nothing to fix. Just me As I am Or at least the more polished version. Hoping that who I am and what you … Continue reading

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10 Red Flags to Watch For When Dating a New Man (Especially Online)

These are some red flags early in the relationship that should tell you to move on, get out, or run away as fast as you can.  These are in no particular order. 1.  He never seems to want to take … Continue reading

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“How to Fail at ‘The Game’ but Win at Life” or “What Really Happened After the Reunion”

Let me start this post by telling you all that you should just tell the truth.  It saves everyone a lot of time.  I am thirty-eight years old.  I do not have time to date for months/years and see how … Continue reading

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Life Before Boys

I was originally working on a piece titled “What I Want in a Boyfriend, Circa 1993.” But alas, I had no boyfriend circa 1993 and therefore would have been per fiction. Maybe it was a good thing.  I say that … Continue reading

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Good Dates Can End at IHOP but They Do Not Begin There

Let me start by telling you about one of the best dates I have ever had.  To start with, it really wasn’t a “date.”  This young man and I have had a long distance flirting to the point that we … Continue reading

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A History of Love

Here is another oldie but goodie.  This is circa about Spring 2011.   If you put a gun to my head and asked me how many times I have been in love, I’d say five.  The times love has actually … Continue reading

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Love You, Hate Your Politics

I do not think it is a huge revelation that Ms. Charlotte Jay is a liberal.  A straight woman who is a big believer GBLT issues with not a small feminist streak a liberal? Shocker!  I live in the panhandle … Continue reading

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