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What I Really Want Say (A Going Home Poem)

What I really want to say is this You are the one I hate The one I want to leave, to lie to, and to commiserate the misery you create with your selfishness and sloth you make me feel so … Continue reading

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10 Red Flags to Watch For When Dating a New Man (Especially Online)

These are some red flags early in the relationship that should tell you to move on, get out, or run away as fast as you can.  These are in no particular order. 1.  He never seems to want to take … Continue reading

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Celebrity Crushes Are for Schmucks or Even Better Than the Real Thing

Everyone is has a fantasy life.  A fantasy life does not have to be filled with internet porn and vibrators, either.  That kind of arousal is the pedestrian, pathetic, and boring, mostly boring.  Fantasy life also does not always have … Continue reading

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Stupid Sh*t Men Have Said About My Body

I share Gloria Steinem’s opinion, “It’s not that women mind being sex objects, it’s just not the only thing they want to be.”  I have a mind, a heart, and a body and all three need attention.  Once I got … Continue reading

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Why do crushes get such a bad reputation?   Sure, they are heart breaking, gut wrenching, and soul crushing monsters of disappointment that can make you worry about your own attractiveness and even self-worth for years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Love

I have been in love, “real love” (whatever that means) only a few times.  I have been infatuated a number of times.  I was in love with a guy for 6 hours once.  But real love the kind of love … Continue reading

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