What Now? Credit Cards and Authorized Users

Get Your Own Credit Card in Your Name

Your one step closer.  Proceed with caution.

Your one step closer. Proceed with caution.

Getting your own credit card in your name is the best way to improve your credit score. If you are planning to get divorced, and if you don’t have your own card yet, do so before you divorce so you can still claim his income. Credit worthiness is based on household income so even if you haven’t gotten your own income yet, you can get a card. They will ask if you want to have an “authorized user” on your card, say “no.” Even if you are basing it on the “household income” and not your own, you are under no obligation to get your spouse as a joint account holder or an authorized user (This depends on the type of card you get, of course. Be sure to read the fine print.)

Here are some links for new cards.   I am not recommending them and I get nothing to endorse them.

New Cars for New Users

How to build credit with a credit card 

Authorized Users are for Suckers!

"Why did I let him be an authorized user on my credit card?  I thought I could trust him.  I let him do butt stuff."

“Why did I let him be an authorized user on my credit card? I thought I could trust him. I let him do butt stuff.”

More about Authorized Users: An authorized user means they can use the card, i.e. run up the debt, and yet have no obligation to it.  I made one of the worst financial mistakes of my life adding my ex-husband as an authorized user. I had one of those little introductory cards you get in college that you charge pizza on or plane tickets for spring break and then you pay it off with your part-time job at the dorms. Yeah, well, my ex had some money problems when we first met and was in a consolidation loan. Because of the loan, he couldn’t get a credit card so once we married I added him on as an authorized user. He handled all the finances, and all the mail, skip ahead twelve years, and that spells disaster.  Financing a lie as big as his is expensive. I did not know about the debt until we were in the lawyers office that day.  I was livid. He did not legally have to pay it because it was all in his name. I threatened to either pay off the debt or sell the house and make him use my half of the proceedings to pay it off, either way it was the same amount of money. That’s right. Think about it. He ran up enough credit card debt that it was the same as my half of a rather nice house.  Turns out, I could have done both, but getting out of debt was more important to me than fighting him over a house in a city I had no intention of staying.  I’m still kind of mad. Good thing he paid it off in a timely manner or I couldn’t even get decent work because almost all employers do a credit check. Be wise.

More information about Authorized Users from Experts

The Truth about Authorized Users-not their responsibility, only the credit card holder

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