What Now? Banking Tips

More About Getting Your Own Bank Account and Following the Money

Follow the money

Follow the money

Get your own bank account and your own online profile for your bank. My grandmother told me to do this when I first got married and I did not listen. When I got married I had no money, no job, and a bunch of student loan debt. I also was irresponsible because I was only twenty-three and never had to make grown up choice before, I mean other than getting married. My recommendation is to get an individual account at the same bank you have a joint account. You can get online access that your spouse cannot see because online bank access at most banks go by an individual’s social security number. Even if you do not get your own bank account, at least have your own login. Your spouse cannot see you login and cannot see how often you check it if you have your own online ID and password. My ex-husband had accounts I was not on and if a person is willing to put up a grand facade of hiding their sexuality, you can be quite certain they are hiding money too. If you get an account at the same bank you have your joint account, you can move money if you need to, but that other person will figure that out, so transfer funds only in an emergency or if you are ready to go that day.

It is easier to get your own account than to get someone off a joint account.

Online Access is Your Key to the Truth and Independence

For most banks it is very difficult to take a joint tenant off your account but either one can close one for any reason. Remember that. If you are concerned about your local bank representative tipping their hand, go to a branch across town or set one up on line. Bank representatives by law cannot disclose what is going on in an individual’s account without facing losing their job or possibly criminal charges. The only way that your estranged spouse will know that you have your own account or that you have your own online access is if you tell them. If they tell you that there is only one online ID and password, that is probably not true. Yes, he/she might let you “share” one, but trust me, get your own login.
2. If you want to track the goings on in a joint account, look online. Most records of VISA transactions and transfers go back at least 18 months. Beyond that you can get statements online going back 7-10 years.

Call Your Bank’s 1-800 number… they live for this shit. 

Yes, your spouse is an a**hole.  Let's follow his tracks on your joint account to find out where he is spending his children's future on that tramp.  Call anytime.

Yes, your spouse is an a**hole. Let’s follow his tracks on your joint account to find out where he is spending your children’s future on that tramp. Call anytime.

You can also call your bank’s customer service and a bank representative can go through recent transactions if you so wish. They also can track things like purchases over $500.00 or something like that. If you do call in, I would recommend calling in around 2 pm Eastern Standard Time. That is when bank lines are the least busy but when the most senior representatives are working because they would have used their seniority to get the better schedule. Telephone bank reps love tracking down mean old dirty bastards up to no good. They won’t do anything illegal and won’t be able to “make a case” for you or anything, but they can track a ATM withdraws in other cities outside your local area in an attempt for “fraud protection.” Play it cool and you can get a lot of information. They are bored, you are not asking for anything you are not entitled to or couldn’t find yourself if you looked online, but they have a more trained eye and know how to spot patterns and inconsistencies. Call centers are busy yet boring places and you can’t even socialize with your coworkers too much. Finding a money trail to a mistress (or mister) in Atlanta is the stuff bank reps live for. Besides, it is all in the name of fraud protection, right? Want to find what someone is up to? FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Matthew 12:34 “Wherever your treasure lie, there will your heart be also.”

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