What It Feels Like to Date a Misogynist

Sometimes I wonder if every man hates women just a little.
Maybe it is envy.  Maybe they are angry with us for keeping our vaginas from them.  Maybe they are mad because we are beautiful, maybe because too many of us are not beautiful enough.  Who knows?  Of course the kindest most egalitarian man I have ever met turned out to be gay.  Before my readers get all their political correct feathers all ruffled, I am not saying all men are misogynist.
Calm down.

I have slept with a misogynist before and it feels like
being fucked.  Sometimes this is a good thing.  I am a sophisticated woman.  Educated, I sing in the church choir, tutoryoung children, the whole bit.  I should run for Congress.  But like most women
(all women if they would admit to it) I like fucking.  The kind makes you feel like you have just de-evolved or turned into some kind of animal growling and scratching towards pleasure.  I can switch back and forth. I get down and dirty one night (in a committed relationship) and then the very next day throw on my choir robe and sing like an angel. I do not know if men are capable of such dichotomy.


Three Easy Ways to Spot a Misogynist:

  1. No female friends.  There are “guy’s guys” but they do have female coworkers, friends of sisters, old classmates, some girl has given him the time of day and not had sex with them.
  2. Promiscuity or an Involuntary Abstinence.  Both of
    these are bad signs.  If they fuck anything that moves it means that no woman is any different than any
    other.  You will not be special to him.  Stop kidding yourself.  Also, that high of a sex drive has to affect his brain’s processing power being so driven.  A long bout of involuntary abstinence is also bad because there resentment towards women is probably as backed up as his balls.
  3. Bad relationship with Mom.  If he has TOO good of a
    relationship with his mother, you might have a gay man on your hands.  Yes, it all starts with Mom.  Hate to say it, but it is true.  Freud was not wrong about everything.

misogynist 2

I have dated a misogynist.  He fit all of the criteria.  He
was sexy but not necessarily attractive.  Actually (and I know how awful this sounds) I hope that I would not become pregnant so my babies would not look like him.  He was a rebound, what can I say.  He was charming in the beginning, but really he was a womanizer/woman hater.  How could I tell?  Because every woman he
mentioned save his mother, grandmother and the wife of his best friend he only bitched about he had slept with.  He had
no female friends.  Yes, there is that eternal dilemma that men and women cannot be friends I mean that no woman was
worth his attention unless they would have sex with him.  This guy had been with many women, seen them naked, made them come, but had not been close to any of them.  I do not know why I thought I was so special to think that I could have “changed” him. For all that sophistication and education, I fell into the classic female trap.

After being married to a man who loved me as a person but
was indifferent to me as a woman, I was involved with a man who was indifferent to me as a person but made me feel like a woman.  He loved my body and seemed to know it better than I did, but that can only last so long.  There were other issues like some very self destructive behaviors I saw in him that would only worsen with time.
When I awoke from my hormonal cloud, I saw him for what he really
was.  I also decided that just merely being straight and employed was not enough.  I could do better.  Ninety percent of men are straight and there is only about a nine percent national average of unemployment
in this economy.  I could do better.  Everyone deserves to be loved inside and out; or whom they are as person and for their naughty bits.

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After 12 years of marriage, I could no longer ignore that my husband was gay. I am pretty much over the sexual orientation debacle, so now what? Life3dblog is essentially the coming of age of a thirty-four-year-old woman and the journey to one's self. Life after marriage, redefining love, sex, and that pesky weight issue too.
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