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Casual Dining

I’m too early. Sitting in my car Hair perfect Make up pristine There is nothing to adjust Nothing to fix. Just me As I am Or at least the more polished version. Hoping that who I am and what you … Continue reading

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How Did I End Up in Florida?

***This is an older post from 2010, but it explains a lot of where I was nearly two and a half years ago and bears to be reposted to the revamped site. How Did I End Up in Florida? If … Continue reading

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What does a girl gotta do to get some April Freshness?

I had a major breakdown over laundry.  I literally cried over laundry.  First week in the new place and I was all ready to do laundry in the washing machine located just outside my door.  I had gone to Wal-Mart … Continue reading

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What is Age Appropriate?

I have always been kind of “young” for my age.  And when I say young, I mean “immature.”  I have grown up more in the last three years then I did in about ten.  Well…yeaadulthood.  But really, what is “age … Continue reading

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